Text 19 Jul

guess this is just about it for me… 

Quote 8 Jul
Ask me a question
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Text 30 Jun

from the life of the lamb 
and the blood of the weak,

we can prevail against uncertainty
in the fight against the plight,

but without the light inside
to continue the fight
we will more then likely falter,
with the continuing battle
of a never ending war, 

we hold our hearts high
and we stand our ground

against all thats lost, 

we shall prevail

Text 26 Jun rc cars

hey guys and girls, 
this is a page for anyone who likes rc cars or anything rc :) 
its a small business so please support buy joining up :) 


Only have 2 admins, prize givaways, awesome rc car/plane/helicopter prices and no worries in the world :) 

Text 26 Jun please if you like games click this :3 
Text 11 Feb Me.

Im not perfect.
Im not beautiful.
Im not the smartest.
Im not the best.
Im not always smiling.
Im not always ok.
Sometimes im crying.
But thats no mistake.
Truth be told.
I miss you.
I need you.
I love you.
I hate.
Away from you.

Video 10 Feb

Even more new toys :)

Video 10 Feb

Just some more of my rc gear :)

Text 27 Nov Her early birthday pressy~

Taking my baby out to a all you can eat the day before her birthday hehe :3 

Text 26 Nov Gahhhh

Srupid bus driver D:
He came 10 minutes early again… late to my course it is ahahaaaaaaaaaaacrap.

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