Text 11 Feb Me.

Im not perfect.
Im not beautiful.
Im not the smartest.
Im not the best.
Im not always smiling.
Im not always ok.
Sometimes im crying.
But thats no mistake.
Truth be told.
I miss you.
I need you.
I love you.
I hate.
Away from you.

Video 10 Feb

Even more new toys :)

Video 10 Feb

Just some more of my rc gear :)

Text 27 Nov Her early birthday pressy~

Taking my baby out to a all you can eat the day before her birthday hehe :3 

Text 26 Nov Gahhhh

Srupid bus driver D:
He came 10 minutes early again… late to my course it is ahahaaaaaaaaaaacrap.

Photo 24 Nov 2 notes In repair :)

In repair :)

Chat 24 Nov 1 note Seriously..
  • <p dir="ltr"> Alright, seriously.. this is getting old.. </p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> If someone came into your house, ate most of your food and used most of your supplys how would you feel?</p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> You keep promising that your going to </p>
  • <p dir="ltr"> Chip in but blow all your cash on drinking? My fianc&#233; is pregnant and we can just afford to feed ourselves, but feeding 5 people off of only our food?? Really?? Thanks for helping buddy.. </p>
Text 21 Nov 9 notes


Please tell me this twitter account is just some person’s idea of a sick joke and not an actual person’s account and views.

Guys its just some guys sick way of humiliating my girlfriend,
Please dont pay any attention as we found out exactly who did it and sat there saying that he’s my partner,
Please dont let this imposer fool you,
My girl doesnt even have twitter

Video 20 Nov

Just afew of the things iv been looking at lately„ hehe :3

Photo 17 Nov 1 note This is SUi Computers, South Australian Computer and gaming company,they are also my nice new sponsors in the world of Rc car racing, Please, give them a look, even order a private minecraft server, these guys are definitely friendly people, Reliable Equipment, Reliable Computers, SUi Computers, definitely the company of my choice, :) 

This is SUi Computers, 
South Australian Computer and gaming company,
they are also my nice new sponsors in the world of Rc car racing, 
Please, give them a look, even order a private minecraft server, 
these guys are definitely friendly people, 
Reliable Equipment, 
Reliable Computers, 
SUi Computers, 
definitely the company of my choice, 

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